International Evening

International Evening er big deal her i Pécs. Det er årets største fest, og tusenvis av studenter, lærere og diplomater drar til “Expo Center” for å spise, drikke og danse hele natten. Nye studenter kan bare glede seg! Det er flere timer med underholdning, studenter fra hele verden lager mat fra sitt hjemland og semesterets beste unnskyldning for å ta seg en fest. Sjekk bildene HER.

Det blir nok ikke så mye blogging fremover siden eksamensperioden snart er over oss, så jeg vil bruke anledningen til å ønske alle nye Bjørknes studenter velkomne til Pécs og sommerkurset. Det går bedre enn dere tror! :)


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Buddha Bar Hotel, Budapest


I had such an amazing time at this fabulous hotel in the middle of Budapest. They built it perfectly in the usual style that I associate with Buddha Bar. Being my favorite bar both in London and Monaco, I didnt think the design of the Budapest hotel and bars could be better. It actually is!

The rooms themselves are super intimate, decorated in black, red, silk and velvet. I love it. I stayed at the “Grand Corner Suite”, which had a separate seating area, bedroom with a great view and two bathrooms. I’d love to see the others as well. I can imagine they are just as amazing.buddhabarI took some photos of the suite after I had messed it up, but they weren’t really fit for a blogpost. Check them out on my instagram account: @Sandrasteffe


Even if I wasn’t going to spend the night, I’d definitely have some sushi downstairs in the restaurant. I’d say they have the best sushi in town. It’s cheaper than the overrated Nobu as well! Try the drinks in both bars, you won’t regret it. The menu is identical to the other Buddha Bars, so you can order the same drink you’ve had in Paris or Monaco!image

See for yourself =)

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Best Idea Ever!

Gather up some friends, everyone brings homemade food and drinks = the best pre party ever! I made a few desserts and russian blini with caviar as well as a traditional Norwegian dish. It’s a perfect mix if some people make small starters and snacks, and some make bigger meals or desserts!


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Merry Christmas from Norway!

This Christmas turned out to be nothing like I imagined, but it was fantastic anyway. I couldn’t be happier to be surrounded by the people I love and celebrate the holidays with them. I received so many lovely presents and good wishes for Christmas, it’s almost sad that another year is coming to an end. Now it’s time to write down New Year’s resolutions and make the year to come even better than the last. I am looking forward to a New Year of studies and lots of time to do what I love the most; traveling.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Christmas Tree

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Budapest for a Day




DSC01532 - Kopi

My roomie Britt and I had some errands in Budapest now that exam period is almost here. We took the opportunity to have proper coffee. Starbucks really takes no time in comparison to the 15 minute wait at the coffee shop next to school. To all the new Bjørknes people that just started the first year in Oslo I have one thing to say; you should have applied for Budapest instead. The lack of decent coffee in Pécs is reason good enough. Oh, and also there’s no sushi. (Reason #2)
Have a good weekend, and good luck to those who are preparing for 7 weeks of stress, caffeine pill addiction, sleepless nights, and exams! I just stocked up on shisha molasses to survive what’s coming… Over and out. See you in February!

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World’s greatest chockolate cookies!

As promised, I have posted the recipe for my (almost) sugar free, gluten free, low carb, protein chocolate cookies that contain about 5 g carbohydrate each.

-Two egg whites
-1/2 dL “sukrin” or Erythritol which is a natural sweetener with no calories.
-1 tablespoon of stevia powder. (To get rid of the cold taste from the Sukrin)
-200g dark chocolate. (I used Lindt; 70% Cocoa Excellence Intense Dark)
-2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
-1 scoop of chocolate protein + some water
-150g walnuts


Divide the chocolate in small cubes and melt it in the microwave.
While waiting for the chocolate to melt, whisk the eggwhites with the sukrin untill it’s stiff. Add the stevia powder.
Carefully use a spatula to blend the liquid chocolate and egg whites.
Now mix the protein powder in a separate cup with a little bit of water until it reaches the same consistency as the egg whites and chockolate, then add it to the rest.
Carefully add 150g of chopped walnuts.

Use a tablespoon to place the cookie dough on an ovenplate. Keep some distance between them because they will expand in the oven.
10 minutes at 175 C should give you around 20 awesome cookies!
NB: They need some time to cool down because they will be very soft when you take them out of the oven.


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Det ble bare noen få dager på besøk hjemme i Norge denne gang. Litt slitsomt med den lange reisen, men det var verdt det! Samtidig fikk jeg hentet noen varme vinterklær. Pelskåpen ble med tilbake til Ungarn, så holder jeg i allefall varmen i vinter.


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Super Awesome Low Carb Breakfast Pancakes!

This is by far the best breakfast pancake recipe I know. Pancakes don’t get fluffier than this! On top of everything, they contain a huge amount of fiber and no sugar whatsoever. Here’s how to make enough for 2 people:


4 eggs
4 tablespoons of natural yoghurt or cream
4 tablespoons of psyllium husks
4 tablespoons of coconut shells
A small dribble of salt.

-Mix everything!
-Let the psyllium soak for 5 minutes.

(You can adjust the recipe by changing “4″ with whichever number you like!)

-Fry them on both sides in a little bit of butter.


That’s it!


I usually serve them with a teaspoon of my favorite light strawberry jam(containing 28g carbohydrate/100g) and sour cream. I’d prefer fresh berries and sprinkle them with little coconut shells, but I can’t seem to find fresh berries of any kind here in Hungary.



I stole the original recipe from Fotballfrue

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Demonic Angel vs Mystique


Since I am so passionate about Halloween and scary costumes, I have to ask: Which costume was better? Mystique vs Demonic angel/Halloween 2012 vs Halloween 2013. I’m such a big nerd that I’ve even put together next year’s costume. I want to make sure it gets ten times better for 2014!

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Halloween Costume!


It’s almost time for my favorite night of the year! As usual I have tried to come up with something better than last year. Here’s a sneak peak of a part of my costume!

Today I’m freaking out a little because some parts of the costume haven’t arrived yet. I’ll try to pull it off some way or another, but it’s always annoying when things don’t go as planned. Can you guess what I’ll dress up as? ^^

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